The inventions and milestones that took place in the vibrant city of St. Louis!

You might know some of them, but most don't realize how many things came from STL...

Ice Cream Cone

The 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis introduced the world to the beloved ice cream cone.

Toasted Ravioli

A delicious "pasta-ccident" born in the heart of St. Louis's Italian neighborhood, The Hill.

First American Olympics

St. Louis hosted America's first-ever Olympic Games in 1904, making sports history.

Provel Cheese

St. Louis is home to Provel cheese, the gooey, melty delight found on the city's famous thin-crust pizza.

Gooey Butter Cake

A baking mistake turned into a sweet success story: St. Louis's iconic Gooey Butter Cake.

Monster Truck

Rev your engines! The birthplace of the original monster truck, Bigfoot, can be traced back to St. Louis.

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