The Lemp Mansion

Tragic events from the Lemp family's history are said to still haunt the mansion, with several members reportedly roaming different parts. The main stairway, attic, and basement, referred to as the "gates of hell," are the most active areas.


The Grandel Theatre has been the site of ongoing paranormal activity for over 134 years, resulting in ghost stories that have become urban legend.

The Exorcist House

The Exorcist House in St. Louis was the location of a real-life demonic possession that inspired the classic horror film and book. 

Despite being depicted as taking place in the home, the exorcism actually occurred at Alexian Brothers Hospital

The hospital has since been demolished and rebuilt elsewhere and cannot be visited.

Campbell House Museum

Visitors report strange sounds, footsteps, and paranormal activity, particularly in the library where the window shutters open on their own and furniture, such as the fainting couch, moves towards the open windows. 

Zombie Road

Zombie Road, located near St. Louis in Wildwood, is a stretch of railroad tracks along Rock Hollow Trail with a dark history. 

Originally called Lawler Ford Road, it was built in the late 1860s and was once a large First Nations burial site and Civil War campsite.

People report seeing shadow figures and spirits of Native Americans, Civil War soldiers, and other ghostly figures along the tracks.

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