The St. Louis Port Authority approved a master redevelopment agreement with Good Developments Group

Next step is approval from the Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority

Gateway South Project aims to create an innovation hub for the construction industry

Early stages will include facilities for firms manufacturing building modules and components

Developers believe construction-related businesses will want to be part of the district

Area located where rails, interstates, and the Mississippi River intersect

Later stages include residential housing, retail, entertainment, and green space

A complete neighborhood for visitors and residents to enjoy

The area has not seen significant development in over a half-century!!

This is exactly what the city of St. Louis needs, don't you agree?

Doug Rasmussen, owner of Steadfast City Economic & Community Partners, believes the plan will be transformative for the region.

If the plan continues to move forward, work could begin this summer with noticeable changes starting in 2024

The Gateway South Project brings a new and exciting opportunity for the St. Louis region!

A chance to activate the riverfront and create a thriving neighborhood for all to enjoy.