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Population (2020): 4,033

Zip Code(s): 63026, 63099, 63127

Area Code: 636

Average Home Sale Price:  $349,000


Fenton, Missouri, is located in southern St. Louis County. Thanks to its close proximity to the Meramec River and fertile land, Fenton has been inhabited for more than 900 years. The earliest proof of ancient inhabitants was excavated near the city’s southwest border and has come to be known as the “Fenton Mounds.” 

These mounds are two conical-shaped earthen burial mounds, which contained pottery shards that date back to Mississippian times, A.D. 1050-1400. The mounds were leveled in 2001 by a developer who wanted to make way for a new Walmart Supercenter. 

Fenton and the immediate area have been home to Native Americans and settlers since at least the 1770s. The city was founded in 1818, and consisted of the eight-square-block section that’s now known as “Old Towne Fenton.” The city would remain unincorporated for another 130 years, that is until Fenton’s first mayor, Garrett Hitzert, incorporated it in 1948. He also helped to build the foundation that most of Fenton would prosper 


Fenton, Missouri, is a gorgeous city with rolling hills that is located in the southern portion of St. Louis County. The city encompasses a total area of 6.05 square miles, with 0.33 square miles of that being water. 


Fenton is served by the Rockwood, Lindbergh, and Northwest school districts. Here are some of the schools in the local area: 

  • Rockwood Summit High School
  • Uthoff Valley Elementary School
  • Bowles Elementary School
  • Stanton Elementary School
  • Rockwood South Middle School
  • St. Paul Catholic School
  • Our Savior Lutheran School
  • Heritage Classical Christian Academy

Top Employers

Top employers in Fenton, Missouri, include: 

  • Tacony Corporation
  • Nooter Eriksen Corporation
  • Sachs Electric
  • UniGroup
  • Maritz
  • Wolff Shoe
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries
  • Retail Technology Group
  • Amazon 
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Lowe’s 
  • Schnucks


Fenton, Missouri, is a charming area with a moderate crime rate. While it’s not the safest place to live in the country, it’s also not the most dangerous either. Overall, it’s a great area and one of the better locations to live in St. Louis. 


Fenton is actually referred to as the “City of Parks” because it is home to an extensive park and recreation system. The city features seven completely developed parks that cover over 350 acres of land. 

Here you’ll find everything from soccer fields, sand volleyball courts, ball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts, fishing ponds, walking trails, and of course, playgrounds. 

Some of the parks to check out include:

  • Fenton Meramec Greenway
  • Valiant Park
  • Fenton City Park
  • Westside Park
  • Bud Weil Memorial Park
  • Olde Towne Plaza Riverside Park
  • Heroes Memorial

Noteworthy People

Even a small city like Fenton has been home to some notable people. These include: 

  • Ken Schrader – NASCAR Driver
  • Josh Arnold from the Bob & Tom Show
  • Joyce Meyer – Christian author and speaker
  • Mike Wallace – Stock car driver
  • Brian Boehringer – MLB Pitcher
  • Brandon Williams – NFL Defensive lineman


What is the cost of living in Fenton, Missouri?

In America, the cost of living is based on an average of 100, and Fenton scores a 98.1. This means the city is a bit cheaper than the rest of the country but still higher than Missouri’s average of 85.9.

What is Fenton, Missouri known for?

Fenton is known for its friendly and down-to-earth residents. It’s also considered the “City of Parks” as it’s home to over 350 acres of park land. And did we mention that some of Fenton’s parks are scenic with views of the Mississippi or Meramec Rivers?

Is Fenton, Missouri a good place to live?

Fenton, Missouri is among the best places to live in the state. The cost of living is still just below average and the scenery is beautiful. Since it’s home to so many parks it makes a great place to raise children! So, if you’re looking at cities to move to in Missouri, definitely give Fenton a good look. 

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