St. Louis is a city that truly has something for everyone when it comes to food. From classic American diner fare to international cuisine, the city has a wide range of dining options to choose from. If you’re a foodie looking to explore the diverse flavors of the world, you’re in luck – St. Louis has some of the best international cuisine around. 

From authentic Italian pasta dishes to spicy Mexican tacos, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds in this city. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best international restaurants in St. Louis, so you can start planning your culinary adventures.

Best International Cuisine in St. Louis

With no further ado, here are our favorite international restaurants in St. Louis:

Trattoria Marcella – Italian Cuisine

delicious food from trattoria marcella in stl

This Italian eatery is known for its delicious pasta dishes, made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The menu features traditional favorites like spaghetti carbonara and lasagna, as well as more unique options like pumpkin ravioli and squid ink linguine. The cozy atmosphere, with its brick walls and flickering candlelight, adds to the authentic Italian experience.

Taste of Lebanon – Middle Eastern Cuisine

taste of lebanon middle eastern restaurant dining area

For a taste of the Middle East, check out Taste of Lebanon. This family-owned spot serves up a variety of dishes inspired by the flavors of Lebanon, including shawarma, kebabs, and falafel. The restaurant also offers a selection of vegetarian options, including a delicious lentil soup and baba ghanoush.

Corner 17 Restaurant – Asian Cuisine

corner 17 chinese restaurant stl

Corner 17 is a popular Chinese restaurant located in St. Louis, Missouri. This spot is known for its delicious, authentic Szechuan dishes, which are known for their bold flavors and spicy heat. The menu features a variety of classic Chinese dishes, including kung pao chicken, mapo tofu, and more.

One standout dish at Corner 17 is the spicy boiled fish, which features tender chunks of white fish swimming in a fiery red chili broth. The boiled spicy chicken is another popular choice, featuring chunks of tender chicken in a spicy broth with vegetables.

Taqueria el Bronco – Mexican Cuisine

Taqueria el bronco mexican restaurant in st louis

Looking for some delicious Mexican eats? Taqueria El Bronco in St. Louis has got you covered with all the classic dishes you crave, like fajitas, enchiladas, and chimichangas. Plus, the no-fuss setting makes it the perfect spot to grab a quick, tasty bite.

This Mexican spot is known for its tasty tacos and burritos, made with fresh ingredients and authentic flavors. Be sure to try the al pastor (marinated pork) and the camarones (shrimp) tacos.

Seoul Taco – Korean-Mexican Fusion 

three tacos from Seoul Taco restaurant in st louis

This Korean-Mexican fusion spot serves up tasty dishes like Korean BBQ tacos and kimchi quesadillas. The fun, laid-back atmosphere and delicious flavors make it a popular spot with locals and tourists alike.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is no shortage of unique dining experiences in the Gateway City. Regardless if you’re planning date night, a family dinner, or friends night out – these locations make excellent options with tasty food and awesome ambiance! 

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