Tom Shaw Realtors

Tom Shaw Realtors

Tom Shaw Realtors is a distinguished real estate agency with a rich history of nearly 100 years in the industry. As a leader in St. Louis, they specialize in the sale of various properties, including homes, homes on acreage, and horse properties. Their expertise extends to the sale and development of expansive land areas, encompassing approximately 150,000 acres.

Since its establishment in 1922 by Charles A. Shaw and Joe Francis, Tom Shaw Realtors has played a significant role in the development of prominent neighborhoods in Clayton and Ladue, such as Clayton Gardens, Davis Place, Lake Forest, The Moorlands, and Claverach Park. Charles Shaw, father of Tom Shaw, served as Clayton’s Mayor during the 1930s and is credited with leading the city out of the Great Depression. His legacy lives on through the park that bears his name.

Tom Shaw, who joined his father’s business in the late 1940s, had a passion for horses and a desire for a more relaxed lifestyle, which led to the company’s focus on listing horse ranches and farms. Over the years, they successfully sold and developed numerous acreage properties, including notable communities like Beacon Hill, Forest Green Estates, Cheri Acres, Westbury Manor, Village of Green Trails, Christmas Valley, Shepard Ridge, and Deepwoods.

In the early 1970s, Tom Shaw Realtors solidified its presence in West St. Louis County with the addition of Charles (Chuck) DeWitt as Vice-President. Together, Tom and Chuck continued the trend of buying, selling, and developing large lot developments, such as Shiloh, Thunder Mountain, Thunder Valley, Whitsetts Fork, and Babler Forest. Simultaneously, they maintained their commitment to listing and selling exceptional homes and farms.

The arrival of the third generation in the late 1970s and early 1980s, including Tom’s children Tom Jr., John, Cathy, and Chuck’s son Chip, marked the company’s expansion during a challenging economic period. Their experiences during the recession of the 1980s fostered their growth as knowledgeable brokers skilled in marketing and financing within the real estate industry. Today, with three decades of experience, they have become successful and experienced brokers in their own right.

In the 1990s, Tom Shaw Realtors weathered another recession and the “Great Flood” of Chesterfield Valley, emerging stronger than ever. While maintaining their Chesterfield roots, Tom Shaw Sr. and Tom Jr. extended their expertise to Western St. Charles County, including areas like New Melle, Defiance, Augusta, Warren, and Lincoln Counties.

Under Cathy’s guidance, the residential home division of Tom Shaw Realtors has been re-established, serving a wide region that spans from the Arch to the Missouri River and beyond. The fourth generation, represented by John’s sons Matthew and Patrick, brings a strong command of 21st-century technology, ensuring maximum exposure for listed properties.

Members of Tom Shaw Realtors have held prestigious positions in various public organizations, including the President of The St. Louis County Real Estate Board, President of the Mortgage Bankers Association, President of Chambers of Commerce, and numerous civic chairmanships. Their commitment to the communities they serve extends beyond their real estate endeavors.

At Tom Shaw Realtors, they sincerely believe they can provide valuable assistance to anyone seeking relocation, whether it involves buying or selling a house, ranch, acreage, warehouse, or factory. With their extensive experience, they are well-equipped to meet your real estate needs. Visit their website to discover more about their services and how they can be of assistance to you.

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