Manor Real Estate

Manor Real Estate

Manor Real Estate, based in St. Louis, specializes in commercial property and offers unparalleled expertise and services in seller representation, buyer representation, landlord representation, and tenant representation.

When it comes to seller representation, Manor Real Estate’s experienced professionals work diligently and aggressively to ensure a swift sale at the highest possible price. Their comprehensive marketing strategy maximizes exposure to potential buyers, resulting in increased offers and favorable sale prices. With a proactive approach, the team engages in phone calls, door-to-door interactions, and leverages their extensive in-house database to reach prospective buyers. Manor Real Estate handles the entire sales process, including marketing services, prospect qualification, showings, negotiations, contract review, and coordination with relevant parties to bring the deal to fruition.

For buyers seeking commercial properties, Manor Real Estate agents are well-connected in the market and possess the skills to accurately evaluate property values. They maintain a thorough understanding of available properties, including off-market options, ensuring clients are presented with suitable choices. Manor Real Estate’s agents are dedicated to their careers in the commercial real estate industry, enabling them to prioritize their clients’ needs and utilize their negotiation expertise to secure the best possible deal.

When it comes to landlord representation, Manor Real Estate excels in leasing commercial properties. Their comprehensive approach includes leveraging multiple commercial real estate websites to enhance online visibility, creating tailored marketing materials to showcase property features, and capitalizing on their extensive network and relationships within the industry. With a hands-on approach that includes cold calling and direct marketing efforts, Manor Real Estate works tirelessly to ensure successful lease agreements for their clients.

As tenant representatives, Manor Real Estate provides invaluable expertise at no cost to the tenant. With a fiduciary duty to serve the client’s best interests, they offer market knowledge and insights that protect tenants during negotiations with landlords. By handling the legwork, Manor Real Estate saves tenants valuable time, allowing them to focus on their business and customers. It’s worth noting that commissions for tenant representative services are paid by landlords, ensuring that tenants receive expert assistance without any financial burden.

Manor Real Estate’s commitment to delivering exceptional service, expertise in the commercial real estate market, and dedication to client satisfaction make them a trusted partner for all commercial property needs in St. Louis.

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