Farmhaus Restaurant

Farmhaus Restaurant

Farmhaus Restaurant is a dining destination in St. Louis, MO, known for its commitment to using the freshest local ingredients in the creation of beautiful and delicious dishes. Led by Chef Kevin Willmann, the restaurant takes a community-focused approach to its cuisine, partnering with local cheesemakers, bakers, and coffee roasters and sourcing the majority of its ingredients from the bi-state area. The menu features an edgy take on Southern and Midwestern styles, with an emphasis on small plates and tasting menus.

Chef Willmann is a self-taught culinary artist with a passion for bringing people together through food. He has a background in farming, fishing, and cooking, and has worked in some of St. Louis’ best restaurants. At Farmhaus, he combines his experiences to create a casual yet fine dining experience that showcases the best of the region’s flavors and traditions.

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