Bigfoot At A Glance

Location: 2286 Rose Ln, Pacific, MO 63069

Hours: Monday through Thursday, 8 AM – 4 PM

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BigFoot is a famous monster truck from St. Louis, Missouri, that has been thrilling audiences for over four decades. The truck was built by Bob Chandler and his family, who owned and operated a 4×4 shop in Missouri called Midwest Four Wheel Drive. The first version of BigFoot was built in 1974 and made its debut at a truck and tractor pull event in Missouri.

From the beginning, BigFoot was designed to be the ultimate monster truck. It featured massive, custom-made tires that stood over five feet tall and a powerful engine that could crush cars and fly over dirt ramps with ease. As the years went by, BigFoot continued to evolve and improve, becoming a true icon in the world of monster trucks.

One of the things that sets BigFoot apart from other monster trucks is its impressive history of record-breaking performances. In 1986, the truck set the world record for the longest jump by a monster truck, soaring over 131 feet. In 2002, BigFoot set another world record by crushing 23 cars in just 60 seconds.

BigFoot has also been featured in numerous films, commercials, and TV shows, including the 1989 film “The Monster Squad” and the TV show “Monster Garage” in 2005.

The legacy of BigFoot continues today, with the truck still performing in shows across the country and entertaining fans of all ages. The current version of BigFoot is the 15th iteration of the truck, and it is still operated by the Chandler family.

What to Expect When Viewing BigFoot

If you’re planning on viewing BigFoot in Pacific, Missouri, you’re in for a treat! The town is home to multiple versions of the famous monster truck, including the original BigFoot that was built in 1974.

When viewing BigFoot, you can expect to be amazed by the sheer size of the truck. The custom-made tires are over five feet tall, and the truck itself stands at an imposing height. In fact, one of the highlights of viewing BigFoot is getting up close and personal with the truck. Many of the versions of BigFoot on display in Pacific, Missouri, are open for visitors to walk around and take a closer look. You’ll be able to see the intricate details of the truck’s construction and learn more about the history of the legendary monster truck.

Another great feature of viewing BigFoot is the opportunity to take photos with the truck. Whether you’re a monster truck enthusiast or just looking for a unique photo opportunity, getting your picture taken with BigFoot is sure to be a highlight of your visit.

If you’re visiting Pacific, Missouri, and have a chance to see BigFoot, it’s definitely worth the time to check it out. The monster truck is a true icon of American pop culture and is sure to impress and entertain visitors of all ages.


How many versions of BigFoot have been built?

Over the years, there have been 15 versions of BigFoot built by the Chandler family. Each iteration of the truck has had improvements and upgrades, but all versions have shared the same iconic big-wheeled design and powerful engine.

How does BigFoot crush cars?

BigFoot is equipped with a powerful engine that allows the truck to drive over cars with ease. Additionally, the custom-made tires of BigFoot are designed to distribute the weight of the truck evenly, making it possible to crush multiple cars at once.

Can I ride in BigFoot?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to ride in BigFoot as it is designed for crushing cars and performing stunts. However, visitors to Pacific, Missouri, can get up close to the truck and take photos with it. Some events also offer rides in smaller-scale monster trucks.

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