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Location: 516 S Kirkwood Rd, St. Louis, MO, 63122

Hours: Closed Mondays and opens most days at 10:30AM

Price: $12 


The Magic House is located in Kirkwood, right outside of St. Louis, and is a not-for-profit children’s museum. The museum has been operating since 1979 and maintains a mission to engage children in learning experiences that are hands-on, so as to encourage creativity and experimentation and develop problem-solving skills in a place that’s magical, beautiful, joyful, and full of wonder. 

However, The Magic House isn’t just a children’s museum and cultural attraction, it also holds a special place in the heart of St. Louisains. The original Victorian-style home was built in 1901 and was owned by the George Lane Edwards family. Edwards’ family owned a brokerage firm known as A.G. Edwards & Sons, and he was the managing partner for the company. He was also the director of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition and the St. Louis Stock Exchange’s first president. 

This magical place was founded by two St. Louis women, Barbie Freund and Jody Newman, who both volunteered for three years to create an institution that was both fun and educational. The museum first opened in 1979, it was designed to welcome about 30,000 visitors per year. However, during its first year, The Magic House welcomed over 165,000 people through its doors. Today, that number and the property have both grown – the expanded museum welcomes almost 600,000 visitors per year and nearly 12 million total. 

What to Expect at The Magic House

The main thing you can expect at The Magic House is fun and learning around every corner! And while this is a children’s museum, it’s also a hit among parents and adults alike. The entire museum encompasses 55,000 square feet, so as you can imagine, there are a lot of exhibits to make it through. 

The Magic House is separated by areas that include: 

  • Early childhood learning lab
  • Children’s Village
  • Waterfall Patio
  • Nature Play
  • STEAM Center
  • Canfield Station
  • Wonder Works
  • Are Studio & Make-it Workshop
  • Star-Spangled Center
  • Music Play
  • Jack and The Beanstalk
  • For Baby and Me
  • Bubble Room
  • Kids Construction Zone
  • Future Play
  • Model Trains
  • Static Electricity Ball
  • And much more!

The bottom line is that you won’t find many other places where you’ll have so much fun for just $12. There are many exhibits, so plan to spend a few hours or break it up over a few visits. And keep in mind that this makes an excellent venue for kids’ birthday parties!


How much is admission to Magic House?

Admission to the Magic House is $12 per person for everyone above the age of 1 year. Those under 1 year are free. The museum also offers free admission for foster families with a license and active military members with an ID. 

How long does it take to go through the Magic House in St Louis?

You can go through the Magic House in as little as 30-minutes. However, keep in mind that this museum is 55,000 square feet and houses many exhibits. So, depending on how many you wish to enjoy and how long you spend at each, you might spend about 2 hours. 

Can teenagers go to the Magic House?

Absolutely! There are exhibits for kids of all ages, from babies to teenagers. In fact, people of all ages love The Magic House, St. Louis. 

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