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Location: 4900 Six Flags Rd, Eureka, MO, 63025

Hours: Varies by Season

Price: Starting at $34.99


Six Flags St. Louis is an amusement park located in Eureka, Missouri, in St. Louis County. The park was originally known as Six Flags Over Mid-America and is the third and last “true” Six Flags park as created by Angus G. Wynne. The other two parks were Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags Over Texas, but Six Flags Over Mid-America was the only one to be owned and operated by the company. The other two were owned by Limited Partnerships and only operated by Six Flags. 

The park first opened in June 1971 and was divided into six themed areas, each unique and meant to follow the namesake “Six Flags.” The original sections included: 

  • Missouri
  • USA
  • France
  • Spain
  • England
  • Old Chicago

Some of these parts have kept these names, while other portions have been renamed. Among other changes, in 1999, Six Flags added Hurricane Harbor, a 12-acre water park adjacent to the main theme park. The water park cost $17 million to build and was the largest single investment in the park’s history. 

In 2014, Six Flags announced that they had sold 180 undeveloped acres of land, just east of the park, to developer McBride & Sons. Thus, reducing their land holdings from 503 acres down to 323 acres, and of this land, 283 acres are used by Six Flags, and the other 40 acres remain untouched. 

What to Expect at Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags St. Louis is much like any other theme park you’ve ever visited – busy, but fun and memorable. Today, the park is separated into eight different themed areas, each with its own unique rides and attractions. There are also lots of live entertainment and dining venues, and, of course, Hurricane Harbor which is free with park admission. 

The area of the park includes: 

1904 World’s Fair 

This is the main area of the park and the first place you see upon entry. 1904 World’s Fair is named after the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, which ran from April 30th to October 1, 1904. In this area, you’ll find the “Mall of the Mid-Americas” which is a shopping mall that features foods that were present or introduced at the fair. It also features many buildings themed from the early 1900s and was known as “Missouri” from the time the park opened, until the name was changed in 1994. This portion of the park is home to rides American Thunder and Colossus. 

Gateway to the West

Gateway to the West resembles Missouri during the old colonial times and features many references to people and locations from the Old West. This area of the park was opened in 1993 and is located in what was originally the “Missouri” section. Here you’ll find rides that include Thunder River and River King Mine Train. 

Chouteau’s Market

Chouteau’s Market opened in 1993 and replaced what was formerly the “France” area. This area is themed after a French Market that used to sit along the banks of the Mississippi River. Its namesake is the founder of St. Louis, Auguste Chouteau, and this region was expanded to take over part of the Studio Backlot section. This area is home to many rides including the Spinsanity and Tsunami Soaker. 

Studio Backlot

Studio Backlot is meant to resemble a Hollywood movie studio. The area was created in 1995 as “Time Warner Studios,” but was changed to “Warner Bros. Backlot,” the next year. After it opened, the area featured five interactive movie set experiences from actual Warner Bros movies such as Maverick and Little Shop of Horrors. Studio Backlot was renamed in 2002 and still has the same name and theme today. Here you’ll ride attractions such as The Joker Inc, Ninja, and Batman: The Ride. 

DC Comics Plaza

Don’t miss this area if you’re a fan of DC Comics. This area replaced the original “Spain” section and features attractions based on several DC Comic properties and characters. One of the most famed areas of this section is the DC Circle, a large logo painted on the ground to resemble the “DC Bullet” logo. This centerpiece is located by the Hall of Justice, near Mr. Freeze and Snowy’s Ice Cream Factory. Check out rides such as Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast and Justice League: Battle for Metropolis.


Brittania is themed around Great Britain in the medieval period. So, you can expect to find elements that represent the tale of King Arthur. This part of the park was initially named “England” until 1992, then “Great Britain” during the 1993 season, until finally being renamed Britannia in 1994. This part of the park includes rides such as The Boss, Dragon’s Wing, Grand Ole Carousel, Pandemonium, Xcalibur, and Supergirl: Sky Flyer. 


Illinois is loosely based on Chicago and was formerly known as “Old Chicago” from 1971 up until 1993. In the Illinois part of the park, you’ll find rides such as SkyScreamer, Screamin’ Eagle, Fireball, Boomerang, and the Catwoman Whip. 

Bugs Bunny National Park

Bugs Bunny National Park is the kids’ area that’s themed around Looney Tunes characters. It first opened in 2006 and took some space that used to be part of Brittania. Kids rides include Taz Twisters, Bugs Bunny Fort Fun, Tweety Twee House, Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots, Mavin the Martian Camp Invasion, Elmer Fudd Weather Balloons, and Daffy Duck Stars on Parade, to name a few. 


How many Six Flags are there in Missouri?

There is only one Six Flags location in Missouri – Six Flags St. Louis.

Is Six Flags St Louis getting rid of the Superman?

In 2020, the Superman ride was removed from the ride lineup and on the park’s website altogether. When Six Flags opened for the season in March 2021, the Catwoman Whip was listed on the park map near where Superman: Tower of Power had once been. Superman: Tower of Power was demolished in September 2021. Many people believe this was in response to the incidents that had occurred with the ride in the past, including the 2007 incident where a 13-year-old girl lost both of her feet. 

How much is Six Flags St Louis admission?

A one-day ticket to Six Flags St. Louis is currently just $34.99. Check their site for deals if you’re looking to visit the park more than once, as they offer great discounts on multi-day tickets and season passes. 

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