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Laclede’s Landing, or simply the Landing, is an urban historic district located in downtown St. Louis. It marks the northernmost point of Frenchman Pierre Laclede’s original settlement, and he’s also the namesake. 

Laclede originally tasked Auguste Chouteau, his 14-year-old stepson, with preparing the land that was located 10 miles south of the Mississippi River-Missouri area. A stone home was built on the land and served as Laclede’s home in the village. He had named the surrounding area, “St. Louis” as a homage to King Louis IX of France. 

Laclede was initially interested in trapping and fur trading, which he incorporated into the landing to help make his stepson the area’s wealthiest citizen. Today, Laclede’s Landing is decorated with 19th-century warehouses and other buildings from the period. Though it’s not the hustling nightspot that it once was, there are plans in motion to breathe life back into this area and make it more like what it used to be. This also includes many renovations, some of which have already begun such as converting the cobblestone streets into paved roads. 

What to Expect at Laclede’s Landing

Laclede’s Landing is situated just north of the Gateway Arch National Park on the Mississippi River front. Here you’ll find a multi-block collection of vintage cast iron and brick warehouses and cobblestone streets dating from 1850 up to 1900. Most of these buildings have been converted into restaurants, bars, and shopping venues. 

This is a must-see portion of St. Louis simply because of its rich history and fun activities you’ll find there. And given that this is the only district of St. Louis’ 19th-century commercial riverfront, what could it hurt just spending an hour taking in the sites?

Also, if you’re in the area, don’t forget to check out the nearby Bellefontaine Cemetery, which is the resting site for many prominent people from St. Louis and Missouri including August Busch, William Clark, and several governors. 


What happened to Laclede’s Landing?

At one time, Laclede’s Landing was a definite stop on many dates and party nights. However, in recent years, people have found other places to relax and times have changed. This is all set to change though because the team behind development and tourism at Laclede’s Landing has a new plan in place. Revitalization has already begun and their goal is to make the area more walkable, better able to support startup companies, create more green and common spaces, and more. 

How old is Laclede’s Landing?

Laclede’s Landing was first settled about 250 years ago. While most of these buildings are gone, the ones that remain there today were mainly built between 1850 and 1900, which is somewhere between 122 and 172 years ago. 

What is the Landing in St. Louis?

The Landing is downtown St. Louis’ best area to eat, play, and live. It’s a historical area that comprises the area where the city’s first settlement was located. The streets are lined with hundred-year-old buildings that have been repurposed from warehouses into restaurants, bars, and shops. 

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