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Location: 13725 Marine Ave, St. Louis, MO, 63146

Hours: 8:00 AM until 30 minutes after sunset

Price: Free


Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park is a 2,145-acre park located in Maryland Heights. It was the first St. Louis County park upon its dedication in 1945. Originally used as a resort, Creve Coeur Lake consisted of 320 acres and hosted numerous boating events years before the park opened. 

The lake was the site of the Mississippi Valley regatta that was held there in June 1882. The lake also hosted the Creve Coeur Regatta and Annual Races associated with the National Association of Amateur Oarsmen in 1904. 

What to Expect at Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park

Today, Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park is the largest in St. Louis County, and is home to Creve Coeur Lake, one of Missouri’s largest natural oxbow lakes.

At Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park you can picnic, play tennis, practice on the archery course, or play a game on one of the many multi-purpose athletic fields. The park is also home to Crystal Springs Quarry Golf Course, an 18-hole course, The Lake House Restaurant, and many walking and biking trails. And if you’re into running stairs – this is your spot! Don’t miss the 200-step staircase! 


Why is swimming not allowed at Creve Coeur?

The lake is stocked with wildlife provided by the Missouri Department of Conservation, so swimming and gas boats are banned on the lake. 

Is Creve Coeur Lake toxic?

Creve Coeur Lake is very polluted, as it contains large colonies of E. coli and algae. 

How deep is Creve Coeur Lake in Missouri?

The average depth of Creve Coeur Lake is 10 feet, but it can reach up to 30 feet in some spots.

When was Creve Coeur Lake built?

Though Creve Coeur Lake has been added to over the years, the original portion of the lake is a natural lake and is not man-made. It was actually formed thousands of years ago when a Missouri River meander loop was cut off. 

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